Deliver optimal fares through machine learning and automation

Fares Optimizer is the first solution to bring end-to-end automation to fares management by incorporating competitor fare benchmarking, a built-in multi-level approval process and automated fare rule adjustments. The flexible set of user-defined configurations allows your airline to customize your pricing strategy. 

Receive enhanced value:

Up to 0.5% incremental revenue opportunity and average of 90% reduction in time to value compared to traditional pricing practices. 

Fares Optimizer allows airlines to...

-    Optimize seasonal fares considering host and competitors fare rules
-    Gain competitive advantage with fare benchmarking and analytics
-    Enhance strategic pricing based on market context 
-    Monitor host and competitive price changes on an hourly basis

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[Q&A] Competitive Pricing: Fares Optimizer

Sam Chamberlain, our Sabre expert, discusses his views on the need for intelligent pricing strategies and how Sabre has brought innovation to market with Sabre Fares Optimizer.

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[Solution Profile] Fares Optimizer

The first solution to bring end-to-end automation to fares management, Fares Optimizer uses a flexible set of user-defined configurations to allow your airline to customize its pricing strategy.

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Sabre Commercial Platform

The Sabre Commercial Platform is for airlines who want to drive revenue maximization and a differentiated brand experience. It meets airlines where they are and takes them where they want to go through flexible, open, and intelligent technology.

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