Transforming Our Infrastructure

Migrating to a global hybrid cloud infrastructure footprint

Our Ongoing Transition 

Our infrastructure is moving to a global hybrid cloud model. This complex initiative delivers:

  • A migration away from Mainframe technology to open systems, the majority of which is already complete
  • A global cloud environment with server locations around the world. These include global public cloud services and upgraded, Sabre managed data centers (private cloud)


Best of Both Cloud Models

This hybrid cloud model provides the best advantages of the public and private cloud.


Simplified Connectivity into Our Cloud

  • The global footprint will include landing zones in every continent, putting your data closer to your operations.
  • Our new connectivity offerings will simplify how your organization will connect to our environment. Instead of a psychical line to our Tulsa server, you will only need to connect to a local hub in your geography.


Our Cloud Industry Leading Technology

Our infrastructure partners are the industry leaders in Infrastructure services. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the two leading infrastructure providers, and Couchbase is our replication partner managing data replication across landing zones. 

Take advantage of:

  • Performance: Improved overall performance, enhanced security, and reduced latency
  • Future Readiness: Rapid scaling with simplified provisioning and usage
  • Control: Multiple connectivity models and configurable replication rules offer greater control