Modern Technology To Power The Future Of Travel

Transforming our infrastructure and delivering a next-gen platform


Transforming Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is moving to a global hybrid cloud model. This complex initiative delivers:

  • A migration away from Mainframe technology to open systems, the majority of which is already complete
  • A global cloud environment with server locations around the world. These include global public cloud services and upgraded, Sabre managed data centers (private cloud)
  • This hybrid cloud approach provides the best advantages of the public and private cloud


The Components Of Our Next-Gen Platform Strategy

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Microservices: At the heart of our strategy lies the process of re-deploying our solutions as groups of inter-connected, independent microservices

Containers: These microservices are deployed in the cloud in standardized containers, along with everything they need, to work independently of each other

Orchestration and Choreography: This container layer is managed using techniques called orchestration and choreography, making their individual functions come together to deliver the capabilities expected of our solutions


This Model Offers Several Advantages To Airlines

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Speed: Accelerate innovation by bringing new products to market faster

Efficiency: Drive efficiency through code reuse and contemporary software practices

Flexibility: Enhance flexibility with easier management of functionality and integration through SDKs


Sabre API Hub With Software Developer Kits (SDKs) 

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  • Airlines will have access to Sabre SDKs through the Sabre API Hub
  • These SDKs will contain the APIs and anything else airline technology organizations need to manage the functionality in each application
  • There will be a robust and frequent release cycle around SDKs
  • This direct access and release cycle drives a far simpler way to manage functionality and upgrades, faster testing and deployment of new capabilities as well as integration with other APIs and technology 


Industry Leading Technology

  • Sabre is deploying the leading technology from across the industry to build, deploy, and manage the NextGen Platform
  • This includes Docker, Google Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift at the container layer and Apigee and CA for the development of the SDKs and Microservice Hub

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Take advantage of:


  • Performance: Improved overall performance, enhanced security, and reduced latency
  • Future Readiness: Rapid scaling with simplified provisioning and usage 
  • Control: Multiple connectivity models and configurable replication rules offering greater control

Digital Airline Commercial Platform

Digital Airline Commercial Platform is for airlines who want to drive revenue maximization and a differentiated brand experience. It meets airlines where they are and takes them where they want to go through flexible, open, and intelligent technology.