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Learn how your airline can achieve operational efficiency and deliver on your brand promise.

Every year billions of passengers rely on the airline industry to connect them to their destination, whether it’s to visit loved ones, for a business meeting or for a vacation. In 2019 alone, it is expected there will be around 4.6 billion passengers, flying on over 39 million flights.

We often take flying for granted, only really stopping to think about it when things don’t go to plan. Imagine the complexity that goes on behind the scenes every day to get each passenger from the check-in desk to their destination.


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  • The continued growth of the aviation industry and the impact it has on operations
  • Increasing operating costs and how Sabre continues to address this challenge
  • How airlines can deliver on their brand promise through unified, intelligent and agile technology 
  • Why our platform is trusted by airlines globally 

Sabre Operations Platform

The Sabre Operations Platform is an industry-only platform that enables end-to-end operations management. It empowers airlines to deliver on their brand promise, reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction through unified, intelligent, and agile technology.