JetBlue embraces the technology to build dynamic customer experiences in a rapidly evolving environment 

As one of our premier partners, JetBlue is committed to digital innovation. We’re proud to drive the future of air travel together by helping them create a modernized technology stack that integrates data and analytics, reimagines the customer experience, and more. Watch the video to see how we're blazing trails as partners and pioneers in the industry. 

Flexibility, openness, and intelligence

The Sabre Commercial Platform powers aviation leaders like JetBlue. It is the first in the industry to deliver end-to-end retailing capabilities and helps airlines blaze trails for the future of travel.

Discover the Sabre Commercial Platform

Sabre Commercial Platform

The Sabre Commercial Platform is for airlines who want to drive revenue maximization and a differentiated brand experience. It meets airlines where they are and takes them where they want to go through flexible, open, and intelligent technology.

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