Sabre Commercial Platform

Sabre Fares Optimizer

Optimize fares and fare rules

Take advantage of the ability to:


OPTIMIZE seasonal fares considering host and competitors fare rules

  • Recommends optimal fare structure, seasonality and price points based on customer segmentation and fare rules
  • Automates the application of pricing strategies for each market


GAIN competitive advantage with fare benchmarking and analytics 

  • Benchmark fares and rules based on market and product position
  • Delivers fare visualization and alerts to easily compare fares with competition
  • Offers willingness to pay estimation through customer segmentation


ENHANCE strategic pricing based on market context 

  • Utilizes ATPCo and Surcharge/Tax data
  • Ensures alignment across fare brands in each market


MONITOR host and competitive price changes on an hourly basis 

  • Quickly identify potential opportunities
  • Sense and respond to competitor pricing actions as they occur in the market
  • React faster than competitors
  • Proven to deliver revenue benefits up to 0.5%




Fares Optimizer empowers airlines to optimize their fares by target segment and proactively adjust the restrictions or value of a fare in real time.


Receive enhanced value:

Up to 0.5% incremental revenue between opportunity and average of 90% reduction in time to value compared to traditional pricing practices. 

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Technology Benefits:


  • Cloud enabled
  • Consumer-grade user experience
  • Scalable architecture 
  • Multi-user solution
  • Backed by 30+ years of revenue management experience
  • Seamless integration with Sabre AirVision solutions including Fares Manager, Revenue Optimizer, and Dynamic Availability, as well as ATPCo

Sabre Commercial Platform

The Sabre Commercial Platform is for airlines who want to drive revenue maximization and a differentiated brand experience. It meets airlines where they are and takes them where they want to go through flexible, open, and intelligent technology.